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Component (Bench) Repair

There’s a lot of action on a job site and it is common for components to be knocked over. The 5D technicians are factory trained and equipped with factory parts in order to quickly turn around a repair. 5D operates as a warranty repair center. 

Older equipment may no longer have parts available; however, 5D maintains a stock of used parts to keep them operational. 

Component Care Note: When you don’t plan to use your equipment for awhile, please remember to remove the batteries and store your equipment in a dry case. 

Component Calibration

We all want our tools to perform at their best, especially when it comes to positioning. We calibrate just about any make or model of laser transmitter. It’s highly recommended that you check your laser calibration yourself. Set it up on a tripod and aim it at a wall 100+ft away. Remove the handheld receiver from the bracket and place it flat against the wall. Find the center of the beam and mark a line using the top of the receiver as the reference. Now rotate the laser 180 degrees and draw another line on the wall. A calibrated laser should create the same line as the first mark. Now rotate the laser 90 degrees to reference the opposite axis of the laser. All four sides of the laser should hit the same mark.

Firmware and Software Updates

Technology is always changing; this applies to the tools you may already own. Upgrading software will correct many bugs and provide you with new features to make your job easier. Upgrading firmware will make sure you are getting the best satellite correction possible. This is done by adding or removing satellite signals and much more. We take the time to ensure you have the most current versions and we full function test each unit before you get it back.

Field Service

Most of our work is performed in the field. We understand that by investing in technology you rely on its uptime. Therefore, 5D trucks are equipped with any cable, sensor, or component to quickly fix your situation. Repeat service calls due to a missing part is not in our vocabulary.


The 5D Installation Trailer is 17ft and is fully loaded with what we need to ensure the cleanest installation possible. Every install has a focus on preventative maintenance. This includes split loom on the cables, lock tight, anti-seize, secure hangers, rare earth magnets, and top of the line zip ties. We compare it to a car stereo install on an extremely expensive sports car. Your heavy equipment may cost more than a Lamborghini. It’s important that it looks clean and will last a very long time in the rugged environment.

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