Safeye by DotNetix

    The first long range intelligent machine vision system for industrial machines that can distinguish between pedestrians and machines while providing adequate warning to machine operators in the event where people are in close proximity to the machine or in the blind spots. The cost of an accident to any business is severe.

    DotNetix’s pedestrian and machine detection and warning system reduces risk where machines and pedestrians interact. The SAFEYE system drastically reduces the risk of fatalities and injuries on any industrial site whether in mining, construction, logistics or for other industrial machines.

    • Machine vision (AI) system that detects and differentiates pedestrians, machines like ADTs, Dump trucks, Forklifts, Cars and other machines.
    • Stereoscopic vision system to measure distance to the objects detected.
    • Collision avoidance algorithms built-in.
    • Automated warnings to operators.
    • Reduces potentials accidents with pedestrians and other machines.
    • NO RFID Tags required to detect pedestrians.

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