A cloud-based application that interconnects the paving business


Pavelink is a cloud-based application that interconnects the asphalt production process (mixing plants), logistics, and paving at the jobsite. By gathering and centralizing all relevant process data—quantities produced, in transit and processed on site, truck locations and paver data such as screed width, paver speed, etc.—it allows for optimal input for decision making, improved efficiency, and quality of the paving process.

With Pavelink you get:

  • Real-time project information
  • Real-time loadout information
  • Real-time position information of paver and trucks
  • Truck ETAs for the paver and asphalt plant
  • Planning tool at job level
  • Planning tool at truck trip level
  • Production, transport, and paving rate
  • Waiting, loading, transit times
  • Digital copy of weigh ticket
  • Dashboard/KPIs
  • Reports
  • API connectivity

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