HitchDoc Dual Dozer

The HitchDoc Dual Dozer tackles any project with ease. Its compact design and dual-sided cutting offer exceptional maneuverability and precision, while Topcon integration and user-friendly controls boost efficiency. Backed by 25 years of experience and versatile mounting options, the Dual Dozer is a reliable partner for any worksite.

• Topcon Integration
Integrates with All Topcon Solutions

• Compact Design
Rear Positioned Casters lets you get into corners

• Dual-Sided Cutting

Dual-Sided Cutting Edge push or pull material with precision

• High Maneuverability
Self-articulate up to 8 inches independently

• User-Friendly Controls
User-Friendly In-Cab Controls

• Increased Efficiency
Reduce Time, Fuel, & Materials

• 25 Years of Experience
HitchDoc has 25 years of Experience

• Versatile Mounting Options
Quick-Tach and/or 3-Point Mounts Skid Steer, CTL, and/or Tractor

• Durable Finish
Long-Lasting Powder Coating

• Hydraulics Included
Hydraulic Control Kit Comes Standard

• Replaceable Blades
½” thick, hardened steel cutting edges (front, rear & adjustable sides) are replaceable.

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