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MAGNET Office Site

MAGNET Office Site is a fully featured design and drafting software solution for any machine control, land development, and road design project.

With its numerous customizable options and comprehensive editing capabilities, MAGNET Office Site is the proven software solution for construction contractors. Elevate 2D plans, instantly import existing design files, or manually input design data using intuitive options. Visually verifying your design data is a simple right button click away for a three dimensional fly through!

Discover MAGNET Office Site features and benefits:

  • Dedicated menu for elevating 2D designs into 3D models
  • Full road design functionality
  • 3D modeling for 3DMC systems, with 3D preview feature
  • Automated pad design with automatic cut/fill balance
  • Multiple volume routines
  • Automated data cleanup

MAGNET Takeoff

The success of any site or road project starts at the take off. With MAGNET Office software’s Takeoff module, you are empowered to tackle each challenge with a smart efficient routine that is designed specifically for construction professionals.

Bring your PDF plans to life and quickly create project site pads with confidence. Balance the site to reduce or eliminate the transfer of unnecessary materials. Combine strata and construction materials to build a trench profile or road alignment to calculate true volume and cost estimates. Export machine-ready files for your crew and foremen.

Discover MAGNET Office Takeoff features and benefits:

  • Bid projects accurately
  • Import PDF and volume data and use 3D elevation routines
  • Create surfaces using strata data
  • Hassle-free cut and fill balancing
  • Innovative trench features with customizable templates
  • Visualization and validation tools to assure accuracy
  • Generate customizable volume and cost reports

MAGNET Enterprise

MAGNET Enterprise is a web-based environment that simplifies project tasks and directly improves field and office communications. Track your assets and communicate with each team member even while on the move. Gain secured access to project data using any web browser on any device to oversee the real-time advancement of your projects. Experience a new, better way to collaborate and save your time.

Discover MAGNET Enterprise features and benefits:

  • Manager’s go-to tool for project coordination
  • Easy creation of geo-referenced projects
  • Redundant storage of project related data
  • Time saving services such as MAGNET Relay for mobile reference stations
  • Direct transfer with Bentley ProjectWise and Autodesk’s AutoCAD 360 service
  • Graphical map view of all project related files
  • True project management for assignment of tasks and calendar completion
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