Industrial Weighing Solutions

Efficient Weighing for Excavators, Front Loaders, and Material Handlers

Enhance operational efficiency and mitigate overloading risks with on-board weighing solutions designed for excavators, front loaders, and material handlers. This technology ensures optimal haulage by providing real-time load data during material loading, promoting even distribution, and preventing overloading. This not only enhances safety but also minimizes wear and tear on trucks and trailers.

Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Costs

Onboard weighing systems contribute to cost savings by optimizing fuel efficiency. By accurately weighing material as it is loaded, these systems enable trucks to operate at their full capacity, reducing fuel costs associated with underloaded transports. This results in increased profitability for businesses involved in heavy material handling.

  • Dynamic/static load modes

  • Simultaneous truck loading

  • Multi-job data management

  • Cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity

  • CAN-based accuracy boost

  • Onboard ticket printing

Primary Areas of Use

  • Construction sites

  • Landfills

  • Recycling facilities

  • Distribution hubs

Transmit Real-Time Weight Data to the Office

Sitelink3D v2 establishes a seamless connection between your onboard weighing system and the office through a web-based portal. This facilitates the tracking of individual machines or entire fleets in real-time. The immediate availability of data enables a comprehensive review of ongoing activities, providing insights into actual weights and progress aligned with project objectives. Additionally, our systems offer effortless integration with a variety of widely-used third-party systems through an API, ensuring versatility in data sharing and management.

Data-driven Control for Enhanced Productivity

Topcon’s On-Board Weighing Systems offer a user-friendly interface, providing instant access to hourly, daily, and weekly load data. This data empowers operators to maximize output performance, ensuring efficient operations. Additionally, the system offers full traceability of activities, enabling businesses to stay in control and make informed decisions based on accurate weighing information.

Excavator Weighing Solutions with the LX-100

Utilizing two hydraulic pressure sensors, the LX-100 measures the weight of every bucketful of material during excavation. It delivers detailed information and control through a 7” color touchscreen operator interface. This advanced system ensures accurate weighing and efficient management of materials in excavator operations.

Advanced Weighing Systems for Front Loaders and Material Handlers

Enhancing operational efficiency, the LM-100 utilizes real-time hydraulic pressure monitoring to calculate the weight of each load. This data is seamlessly presented through a 7” color touchscreen operator interface, providing operators with immediate access to precise load information.

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