About 5D

5D Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2015 by Matt Derrick. The decision fell into place after working for LaserMan, Inc. for about 15 years. Matt then took the opportunity to purchase distribution rights and create a new name. 5D was initially started in Matt’s home garage. Once there wasn’t room for 3 employees 5D leased a 3000 sq foot space out near the Chico airport in 2017. The new office has been customized to provide training, bench repair, shipping, and office space to expand.

5D was created with a single focus to provide the best Service, Support, and Training possible. In this effort 5D invested in a Customer Relationship Management program (CRM). It was customized to track machines, equipment, services provided, scheduling, etc.

Matt Derrick, CEO


5D proudly provides the technology, training, and support for several local colleges


Construction & Agriculture:
Support • Training • Service
Rentals • Sales • Repair

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