Construction Technology

Your tailored solutions to grow with your company.

Self-leveling rotary lasers for all applications. Choose from flat plane, single slope, dual slope, interior, or underground pipe lasers.

Add a laser receiver to your equipment. Mount on the excavator stick to transform it into a grade rod. Mount a 360˚ receiver to your dozer for elevation reference and level up with a hydraulic valve to automate.

This laser sends you your position by robotically tracking a prism (mirror). The prism can be mounted to a rod or a machine with easy-to-use software to manage your projects. Precision control without satellites.

Perfect for your Skid Steer, Compact Track Loader, or Mini Excavator. This solution is an economical way to use Laser, 3D Laser, and/or Satellites for machine automation.

Place a satellite receiver onsite to be your stationary reference. Using a satellite receiver on a rod you can set up any size job site and begin staking out, checking grade, saving points, and so much more.

Turn your equipment into a CNC cutting machine. Maximize productivity through automation at the next level. Nothing compares to the new MC-Max Solutions.


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